Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hooked On A Feeling...

"I am haunted by waters" 
- Norman Maclean (A River Runs Through It)

Here in Scotland, it's fishing season! On stretches from the Spey to the Tay and the Firth to the Forth, you'll find happy, relaxed fishermen and fisherwomen enjoying their sport - hopefully, followed by a delicious meal featuring their catch of the day! One of my most recent hand-painted plates was commissioned for fishing enthusiast, Brian and it's an example of a perfect, personalised gift... 

So have you fallen for fishing? There's a wonderful calm, relaxed feeling that accompanies a day floating by as you sit at the water's edge, waiting for a fish to rise. Also, there's nothing quite like the excitement of getting a bite! If you're tempted to find out more about this traditional Scottish sport, you could start with a few practical tips at Visit Scotland.  

Alternatively, ease in gently by watching A River Runs Through It, directed by Robert Redford and starring Brad Pitt. This beautiful film is based on the true story of Norman Maclean and his family, Scottish descendants living in Montana and bound by their shared love of fly fishing on the big Blackfood River.  Even if you're not a fan of Brad, the cinematography and poetic narration will no doubt capture your heart - hook, line and sinker!

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