Wednesday, 5 June 2013

3 Ways To BE Little Ms/Mr Sunshine!!!

Hand-painted Ceramics by Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish

You've probably heard the term 'be the change you want to see in the world'.  Well, this is the sunshine you want to see in the world! Here in the East Neuk, we've been so lucky with a few days of sunshine - it seems to put everyone in a more optomistic, relaxed mood!  So, keep up the momentom - here are 3 great ways to attract 'that holiday feeling' into your life and spread a little sunlight of your own...

Keep A Happy Journal

Sea Pottery Collection by Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish

Keeping happy notes or a gratitude journal - writing about only the good stuff from your day - is a great way to feel positive.  It even gets your brain working to remember the little blessings and reasons to be grateful, each and every day...come rain or shine. You can also just write out happy lists to get into a positive frame of mind. Include even the little things; a hot shower, phone call from a friend or the sound of birds tweeting outside your window! So sit down with a cuppa, a notebook and start thinking happy thoughts...

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town


When the sun comes out, do you notice how many of us find a way to postpone the housework and long hours at the office?  Suddenly, we find a little time to kick off our sandals, relax in the garden or wander down to the beach.  It feels so good to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures, as if we're on holiday.  So, try to make it into a regular ritual.  Just a little time every other day for genuine 'down time' will help you to feel brighter - maybe a short walk in a peaceful spot, get caught up in a good book, wander round your local independent shops to source ingredients or treat yourself to a trinket...and catch up with loved ones over a relaxed dinner...

Let The Sunshine In 
Hand-painted Ceramic by Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish

When our surroundings are bright and inspiring, we feel happier! So, artfully present treasured mementos from your travels, display a vase of your favourite flowers in a place where you'll see them lots and add a splash of colour here and there with pretty decorative features and furnishings. 

Do you have any special ways to bring summer into your life...whatever the weather!?  I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Meanwhile, find out more about the sun-drenched collections by Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish over at my main website -  You can also visit my store at Etsy OR come and visit my Funky Scottish studio-gallery-boutique on the High Street in Pittenweem!

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