Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wishing You A Funky Scottish Festive Season...

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

So, as we all get busy celebrating, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a very 
Merry Christmas...and A Happy New Year!

Also, thank you so much for all you support during this year. As always, it's been a lot of fun! 

We look forward to seeing you over the festivities and in 2016.... 

Gratitude & Best Wishes,
Karen & the team at Funky Scottish

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside...

So, step into the Funky Scottish Cafe-Gallery-Boutique and cosy up with a satisfying bowl of soup, maybe a savoury roll, a hearty slice of homemade cake and a big mug of tea or aromatic illy coffee...

...our funky, festive haven awaits! xo

PS. Winter Opening: Thursday - Sunday, 10am to 5pm

Friday, 11 December 2015

Tis' The Season To Shimmer And ‪Shine...

So, beautiful women, we're very excited to introduce you to our gorgeous new collection of opulent scarves and spinning rings.... 

We have lots of beautiful styles, patterns and and colours in the Funky Scottish boutique. So, if you're in the area, swing by and treat yourself (or another special someone) to a sparkling stocking filler.

The Funky Scottish ‪‎Cafe‬ is open too...and our lovingly baked, homemade cakes are all sprinkled with festive magic!

PS. During winter, Funky Scottish is open 10am-5pm, Thursday to Sunday :)

Friday, 4 December 2015

Do Christmas Shopping Differently! Introducing Urban Market...

Dreaming of an antidote to the frantic, seasonal scramble? 

Bored of big, bland, high street brands? 

Great! We've got a treat for you...

/ / Do Christmas Shopping Differently / /

Over the next 3 Festive SundaysFunky Scottish will be at the much celebrated Urban Market Glasgow - an original showcase of Scotland's very best artisan designers, makers and producers!

It all happens at Drygate, a fabulously laid-back venue with restaurant, kitchen, beer hall, artisan brewery, terrace and event space...all under one roof!

So, if you'd love to do Christmas shopping differently this year, we'd love to see you there!

Shop. Eat. Drink. Unwind. Repeat...
Delicious food. Outstanding beer.
Child friendly. Dog friendly.
Sun 6th December / Sun 13th December / Sun 20th December
12pm - 5pm, Indoor market, Car parking
Drygate 85 Drygate G4 0UT

Monday, 23 November 2015

A Creative Winter at Funky Scottish

Winter Opening: Thursday - Sunday, 10am to 5pm

Visit Funky Scottish on the high street in Pittenweem. Our gallery & boutique is packed with imaginative ideas for Christmas gifts and beyond.  Also, relax in our cafe space with delicious savoury + sweet refreshments, including Illy Coffee, soups, rolls and a scrumptious selection of cakes...

Commissions + Creativity

During the winter season, Karen will mostly be retreating to her in-house creative studio. She'll be focusing on her bespoke, hand-painted commissions AND working on new art and designs for 2016....

Karen will continue to accept commissions throughout the season, so if you'd like to book a creative consultation, please drop by the shop Thursday - Sunday OR email/telephone Karen via

Hope to see you soon... xo

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Blast Away The Winter Blues! The Cure? Art By The Sea...

Blast away the winter blues! Join us for an artistic, seaside weekend in the East Neuk!

Pittenweem Arts Festival is hosting a showcase of work by resident artists and galleries, this Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November.

Wrap up in warm layers and wander through 12 venues along the harbour and up the wynds. It's a beautiful opportunity to choose more meaningful Christmas gifts too, by celebrating original, inspiring arts and design.

Funky Scottish, our cosy little cafe-gallery-boutique on the village square, looks forward to welcoming you! xo

See more about Pittenweem Artists and Galleries Weekend at

Friday, 13 November 2015

Funky Twist On A Scottish Dish...*Gluten Free* Fish & Chips!!!

As Scotland is 'battered' by Storm 'Abigail', most of us want to batten down the hatches with a few nourishing, traditional home comforts...and there's nothing more warming than a hearty plate of award-winning Fish & Chips!

This Sunday 15th November, Anstruther Fish Bar ensures even more people can enjoy our national favourites with their 'Gluten Free Day' from 11.30am to 8pm. Discover more over at their facebook page.

Meanwhile, take a peek at these appetite-enhancing commissions by Karen Edward at 
Funky Scottish, created exclusively for the fabulous Anstruther Fish Bar.
See more of Karen's work and request your own commission at xo

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Creative Commissions (...for Christmas) xo

...It seems a while away, but really, it's only a few weeks until Christmas!!! If you're feeling organised, maybe it's worth getting in touch with Karen at Funky Scottish to commission a truly original, hand-painted ceramic piece (or set) for a loved one.
We think a gorgeous crockery set like this one would really brighten up someone's festive breakfast... xo

Friday, 30 October 2015

Our 6-Step Magic Spell For A Funky Halloween...

Happy Halloween! So, how do you feel about this slightly spooky and mostly magical time of year?  If you're not into carving out a pumpkin, guizing or dressing up in a scary costume, here are six funky, alternative ways to celebrate Halloween with style...

Invoke The Light...

According to one version of Halloween history, in the olden days people carved out turnips and pumpkins as a way to light a path for lost souls. Well, whether or not that's your intention, we can just as easily cast the customary halloween glow with lots of pretty candles!  Set them in your window and in darkened corners of your room to create a comforting, atmospheric space.  It beats clearing up the mess of post pumpkin creativity!  We have some gorgeous candles in the Funky Scottish boutique on the high street in Pittenweem...

Be Creative With Your Cauldron...

This is the very best time of year for creating a soul nourishing soup.  Use home-grown goodness from your garden or locally grown vegetables; butternut squash makes an especially delicious, autumnal soup! Get the recipe here.

Alternatively, visit the Funky Scottish Cafe for a delicious bowl of our own warming soup, and an indulgent slice of cake...all hand-made with our feel-good ingredients and sprinkles of magic dust....

Commune With Nature...

The ancient celtic origins of Halloween - Samhain - was deeply rooted in the celebration of nature.  The occasion marked the turn of the season from summer to winter and the beginning of a new celtic year.  So, this is a rejuvenating time to get out there and connect with the simple pleasures of fresh air and sunlight. As an artist, I love living by the sea where, as if by magic, the unique play of light and colour on the water always sparks the imagination...

Watch A (Not So) Scary Movie...

One of our favourites (and yes, it's a girlie classic) is Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman!  It's an enchanting film with just a smattering of spookiness to make it acceptable Halloween viewing...

Create A Magic Potion - Strawberry & Rum Spellbinder


1 shot of rum
a big squeeze of lime juice
a glug of strawberry liqueur (homemade jam works well)
crushed ice
a dash of soda water

Whiz all the elements together in your magical cocktail shaker (or mini blender) and you have a beautiful drink which, if you close your eyes, will magically transport you back to a summer's day! Also, it tastes suspiciously like a strawberry daquari.... 

Image via pinterest.

Work A Spell Of Your Own...

Nope, eye of newt is not required! Simply, get really clear on what you want to create in your life and...make a wish! Even modern science is beginning to accept the good ole' fashioned power of visualisation and positive thinking. So, surely it's worth a shot...


Friday, 23 October 2015

The Big Day! Vintage Wedding Show - Autumn 2015...

It's almost the 'Big Day'...

We're so excited to be exhibiting at the Vintage Wedding Show inside the lavish Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian!

Celebrate and congratulate your favourite newlyweds with a thoughtful, original gift created exclusively for the happy couple.

We'll showcase bespoke, hand-painted ceramics + more inspirational art by Karen Edward at Funky Scottish, this Sunday 25th October from 11am to 4pm. xo


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!  

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wedding Invitation...

requests the pleasure of your company at the 
on Sunday 25th October, 11am - 4pm at 
Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian 

Love is in the air! We're excited to be exhibiting at this glamorous, boutique showcase of original, hand-picked wedding creatives! 

The event also features foot-tapping live music, a glass of fizz on arrival and a 'Gift List' of gorgeous giveaways! We'll be bringing along a few fabulous wedding gift ideas of our own - including bespoke, hand-painted ceramics by Karen Edward and 'love' inspired art.

PS. Take a peek at the stunning photo shoot for VWS - Autumn 2015, on location in and around #‎Pittenweem! xo Image (c) Dom at Duke Photography


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!  

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Falling For Autumn! 7 Secrets Of A Funky Scottish Season...

At this time of year, as summer turns to autumn, it's so easy to fall into melancholy.  Our creative zest can seem to fizzle out.  The nights are drawing in and the sparkle of Christmas is still a long way off.

So, when the gloom begins to take hold, we must be extra kind to ourselves. After all, every season has a reason! Sometimes, hidden under fallen leaves we can uncover enchanted days full of gifts, surprises and creative inspiration!  

So, here are our 7 secrets to celebrating this season!  Kicking through the big piles of golden leaves is optional.....

1 The Gentle Detox

After summer's energising, outdoor activities and care-free indulgence, we can sometimes feel a little depleted by the time the party's over!  Autumn is a wonderful time to turn inward. The season offers an abundance of nourishing foods that will heal you from the inside and reignite your energy. I've been enjoying apples, plums and all sorts of vegetables from the garden.  There's no time like the present to fill your larder with chutneys and jams or to roast big trays of delicious beetroot, parsnips, potatoes, carrots....

Image via Pinterest

2  Discover A Rainy Day Sanctuary

When the elements aren't too inviting, it can seem like there's really nothing to do but slump into a chair and switch on the telly.  Instead, treat yourself!  Visit a gallery, museum, the cinema or book an indulgent spa day. Enjoy a coastal-inspired massage at The Fairmont St Andrews which includes treatments called 'Beside The Sea' and the tempting 'Crest Of The Cliff'.  The Kolher Spa at the Old Course Hotel offers the 'North Sea Stone Massage'.  Bliss by the beach...

3  Have A Lazy Lunch

I know, most of us are mostly busy most of the time....but it's worth making time for a wee pick-me-up with a few of our favourite folks! One of the funkiest places to enjoy a morning coffee, relaxed lunch or afternoon tea is of course, our Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique!

4 Stretch Your Mind, Body & Soul

Choose a gentle form of exercise. Yoga is an amazing practice for restoring balance and reconnecting with your inner creativity. I love attending a local class, particularly because it's good to have a teacher there to help with technique and alignment. However,  if you prefer the privacy of your own home, you can also invest in a good DVD and create your own indoor yoga retreat.

Image via Pinterest
5 - Doodle & Daydream

If you're likely to be literally blow away when you step out the front door - and we've seen plenty of days like that here in the East Neuk - it might be best to stay at home.  This is the perfect excuse to batten down the hatches, light a few candles, make yourself a big mug of hot chocolate (or tea...or coffee...or pour a glass of red wine!) and get your notebook out...then indulge in a bit of creative daydreaming!  Write gratitude & wish lists, plan your next big project or just doodle away an evening...

Find candles & my 'Sea Pottery' notebook and mug at the Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique

6 Wrap Up Warm And Head For The Coast

I love getting all bundled up in funky knitwear and braving the elements!  Away from technology and everyday chores, it's amazing how quickly a low, lethargic mood can be blown away.  Scientists have even proven that the extra ozone in the air around the seaside can really boost our energy levels. Also, the sea reminds us that our quiet, introspective seasons are part of nature's balance. Life is supposed to ebb and flow...

Enjoying The Calm Between The Seasonal Storms

7 - Get Creative

A little time out can do wonders for your creativity, so don't be surprised if you find yourself brimming with inspiration. Follow the urge and see where it takes you!  What do you love to do?  It may be taking pictures of the stormy seas, writing a short story, painting, baking, re-decorating, organising your photo albums and trinkets, pottery or some other craft!  This is the perfect time of year to do something creative and who knows, what you produce might just turn into the perfect gift for someone special. After all, the sparkle of Christmas isn't really so far off ....


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!  

Celebrating The Indian Summer...

Ceramics inspired by the unexpected blast of sunshine, crisp blue skies and fallen leaves of purple, rust + gold....

Take a peek at bright, bold favourites from our collection by Karen Edward at Funky Scottish.

See more, including bespoke commissions, at   xo

PS. 3 more ways to celebrate...

  • plan one more fabulous bbq of 2015
  • sing along to Don Henley's nostalgic classic 'Boys Of Summer'
  • grab a coffee (and the warm rays) from our cafe's alfresco seats on the square....

Friday, 18 September 2015

Discover Your Inner Damsel

Coming soon....
...a gorgeous new collection from this creative jewellery designer.
Edgy, Feminine, Stylish, Original. 
Gift yourself a new statement piece for Autumn in the Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique. xo

Friday, 11 September 2015

Discover The Sensory Pleasures Of Coffee + Art...

As you may know, Funky Scottish is now a proud supplier of illy coffee!

Our cafe-gallery-boutique exists to celebrate art in all its forms...and with this kind of creative vision, Illy was the natural choice...

"If coffee is experienced with all five senses, the very objects that hold coffee should please the meld the sensory pleasures of coffee and art." 

And here's what the people at illy say about the coffee itself...

"In the cup, the illy blend becomes a symphony: rich, full, multi-faceted, yet subtle, comprised of immensely talented soloists, each coaxed to their finest performance under the hand of an expert conductor."

A true art form, indeed!

Of course, the symphony wouldn't be complete without our own handmade, artisan cakes.

Join us for the experience at Funky Scottish, on the high street in Pittenweem. xo

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Step On Board A Funky Forth Ferry...

Ahoy There! Looking for something different to do in September?

Step on board the recently launched Forth Ferry between East Lothian and the East Neuk...

After Karen's wonderful (albeit long-way-round) trip to North Berwick last year, we're really excited to venture across the water ourselves AND welcome more visitors to the East Neuk too! With Thursday and weekend sailings, you have the option to day-trip or stay a while!

So, if you do catch the ferry, don't forget to drop by Funky Scottish in Pittenweem - for coffee, cake + maybe an artisan gift - and tell us all about your sea-faring adventure.

See the timetable and book tickets at ‪#‎forthferry‬

Bon voyage! xo

(note: we are currently closed on a Sunday)

Hand-painted, bespoke ceramics by Karen Edward at Funky Scottish.


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!   

Friday, 28 August 2015

A Funky Scottish Story - Q+A with Karen...

Introducing...Karen Edward, founder, owner and resident artist at Funky Scottish.  In this Q+A, Karen shares her own story about becoming an artist, launching her business, overcoming inevitable challenges and continuing to nurture an ongoing love affair with her craft...

The East Neuk has become your home. Tell us a little about your background?
I was born in St Andrews and went to Madras College.  I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Dundee with honours in Drawing and Painting. I also lived on The Isle of Mull and worked in a painting school there for some time. 
Duncan Of Jordanstone Art College, Dundee
Isle of Mull
What's your artistic speciality?
My speciality is in observing and painting all the things around me that I love.  It’s all incorporated into my work, so location is really important to me, as is my language in describing the things I love the most.  I love to work with ceramics too but I am predominantly a painter.
How did you learn your craft?
I had very little money but I slowly saved up to buy my first kiln.  I then did a stint at a local pottery.  Ultimately, I taught myself how to use ceramic paints and I worked on glazing and firing, learning and tweaking as I slowly but surely progressed.

How did you discover your passion for art and crafts?
My parents are both artists.  My mum’s a painter and my father was a sculptor.  Both of my parents went to Duncan of Jordanstone, so I grew up in a very artistic household. 

Karen in Funky Scottish

When did you open Funky Scottish?
I opened the Funky Scottish gallery and boutique in 2005. I’d been working as an artist for a long time before that. Throughout my life, I’d been selling paintings through other galleries but it was a big breakthrough to open Funky Scottish and have a place of my own. Now, a decade later, I've fulfilled another dream...creating a little cafe within Funky Scottish!  We've recently opened the cafe, which serves up satisfying savouries (home-made soups + tasty filled rolls) and a range of scrumptious, homemade cakes.  Take a peek at our 'Cake Gallery'.

How did you discover Pittenweem?
Well, I’d taken part in the Pittenweem Arts Festival.  Also, I moved from the Isle of Mull to Cellardyke – which is just a couple of villages away from Pittenweem.  I was given the chance to have a studio at the back of a shop in Pittenweem...that has since become Funky Scottish!
Why did you think the village would be the perfect location for your shop?
The arts festival is a huge part of having a business in Pittenweem. It’s a beautiful village, a great artistic community, which has been built up around the studio of the famed painter John McGee.  So many people come through the village. 
Pittenweem Harbour by artist, John McGhie
How did you find the experience of launching the business?
I opened the business during a time which, as it happened, was very challenging in my personal life.  So, it was a huge learning curve, yet the launch of Funky Scottish was also the catalyst for a wonderful rebirth of sorts. It’s been a life changing experience.  Funky Scottish was going to be my main source of income, so the early stages of launching the business was financially challenging.  It was a very slow, steady and progressive build up.  On the other hand, this made each new success more rewarding; artists getting in touch, people wanting to be part of Funky Scottish.  It was all really exciting and this provided me with the impetus to keep going. 

For you, what makes Pittenweem and the East Neuk so special?
I’ve always lived beside the sea and spent my life on the beach.  I’m always drawn to living beside the sea.  I love everything to do with the coast and the East Neuk is one of the most beautiful places to live in Scotland – unique architecture, the incredible history….I just love it!!
Karen's Coast - Pittenweem & East Neuk
You source art & crafts from around Scotland – how do you know which ones to choose?
The gallery of artists featured in the boutique evolves very naturally. All of the pieces stocked by Funky Scottish are made by friends, family and artists from around Scotland, hence the name!  You’ll find a really eclectic mix of art, ceramics, note cards, jewellery, a small range of fair trade clothing and all kinds of really unique little trinkets and crafts.
Arts & crafts on display in Funky Scottish
Where did you get the inspiration for the quirky, funky style of your shop?
The weirdest thing for me is that I actually had the concept for Funky Scottish a very long time ago.  The name just popped into my head and I had this idea that I would run a business making and selling ceramics, artwork, cards and so on.  It started with a daydream and it all just seemed to take off from there. 

Do you have any events or interesting projects coming up?
Yes, I’m on the visual arts committee with Pittenweem Arts Festival, which is an ongoing and very important project for me.  I’ve also been asked to become involved in illustrating books for gifted children which is really exciting and I’m also working on new designs, collections and bespoke ceramics

Can you buy online?
Yes, you can!  If you go to you can purchase personalised ceramics and commemorative plates.  I’m also working on extending the range of products available online. 
Commemorative Plate by Karen Edward
Are you inspired by any particular artists?
I love Scottish colourists.  I’m really inspired by The Glasgow Boys, a group of painters with strong ties to the city, who became famous in the 1800s.
What are the greatest rewards of your work?

It just makes me so happy when people receive their commissions and they really love them. It’s so rewarding to see that my work puts a smile on their face.  Some clients are so delighted that they send me pictures – for example I’m often sent photos of newly decorated kitchens, featuring tile panels I created for them. If my customers and clients are happy, I’m delighted!  More recently, it's been a pleasure to see the cafe at Funky Scottish welcomed by so many locals and visitors.  The outdoor seating on the village square brings a continental vibe to Pittenweem, especially on a beautiful sunny day!

There’s lots of advice out there for start up businesses, but specifically, what advice would you give to anyone wishing to become a professional artist, who may even launch a cafe-gallery-boutique like Funky Scottish?

You must have faith in yourself and really believe in what you do.  Also, you need to be incredibly determined, be prepared to face times where nobody might buy your work or when you will face the unforseen challenges of being an artist AND business manager-owner. Artists often feel compelled to turn their passion into their business - earning a living doing what you love is so appealing! Then suddenly, you are consumed by the demands of running the business and you risk losing focus on your original love – creating art.  So it’s a balance. Eventually, you have to step back and return to working on your business, rather than spending too much time working in your business.  This may mean asking for help with the day-to-day stuff, rather than trying to juggle it all yourself…but if you’re getting to do what you truly love, it’s really worth it!

Discover more inspiration from Karen Edward and Funky Scottish via  our facebook page,

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Funky Scottish Cafe - Our Cake Gallery!

Imagine...a sunny stroll down by the harbour, a wander up one of the quaint wynds (just enough to work up an appetite), followed by coffee and cake in a pretty cafe-gallery-boutique on the village square.  This is the art of enjoying 'A Funky Scottish​ Life'. 

Take a sneak preview of some of our home-made cakes below! xo