Thursday, 1 October 2015

Falling For Autumn! 7 Secrets Of A Funky Scottish Season...

At this time of year, as summer turns to autumn, it's so easy to fall into melancholy.  Our creative zest can seem to fizzle out.  The nights are drawing in and the sparkle of Christmas is still a long way off.

So, when the gloom begins to take hold, we must be extra kind to ourselves. After all, every season has a reason! Sometimes, hidden under fallen leaves we can uncover enchanted days full of gifts, surprises and creative inspiration!  

So, here are our 7 secrets to celebrating this season!  Kicking through the big piles of golden leaves is optional.....

1 The Gentle Detox

After summer's energising, outdoor activities and care-free indulgence, we can sometimes feel a little depleted by the time the party's over!  Autumn is a wonderful time to turn inward. The season offers an abundance of nourishing foods that will heal you from the inside and reignite your energy. I've been enjoying apples, plums and all sorts of vegetables from the garden.  There's no time like the present to fill your larder with chutneys and jams or to roast big trays of delicious beetroot, parsnips, potatoes, carrots....

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2  Discover A Rainy Day Sanctuary

When the elements aren't too inviting, it can seem like there's really nothing to do but slump into a chair and switch on the telly.  Instead, treat yourself!  Visit a gallery, museum, the cinema or book an indulgent spa day. Enjoy a coastal-inspired massage at The Fairmont St Andrews which includes treatments called 'Beside The Sea' and the tempting 'Crest Of The Cliff'.  The Kolher Spa at the Old Course Hotel offers the 'North Sea Stone Massage'.  Bliss by the beach...

3  Have A Lazy Lunch

I know, most of us are mostly busy most of the time....but it's worth making time for a wee pick-me-up with a few of our favourite folks! One of the funkiest places to enjoy a morning coffee, relaxed lunch or afternoon tea is of course, our Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique!

4 Stretch Your Mind, Body & Soul

Choose a gentle form of exercise. Yoga is an amazing practice for restoring balance and reconnecting with your inner creativity. I love attending a local class, particularly because it's good to have a teacher there to help with technique and alignment. However,  if you prefer the privacy of your own home, you can also invest in a good DVD and create your own indoor yoga retreat.

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5 - Doodle & Daydream

If you're likely to be literally blow away when you step out the front door - and we've seen plenty of days like that here in the East Neuk - it might be best to stay at home.  This is the perfect excuse to batten down the hatches, light a few candles, make yourself a big mug of hot chocolate (or tea...or coffee...or pour a glass of red wine!) and get your notebook out...then indulge in a bit of creative daydreaming!  Write gratitude & wish lists, plan your next big project or just doodle away an evening...

Find candles & my 'Sea Pottery' notebook and mug at the Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique

6 Wrap Up Warm And Head For The Coast

I love getting all bundled up in funky knitwear and braving the elements!  Away from technology and everyday chores, it's amazing how quickly a low, lethargic mood can be blown away.  Scientists have even proven that the extra ozone in the air around the seaside can really boost our energy levels. Also, the sea reminds us that our quiet, introspective seasons are part of nature's balance. Life is supposed to ebb and flow...

Enjoying The Calm Between The Seasonal Storms

7 - Get Creative

A little time out can do wonders for your creativity, so don't be surprised if you find yourself brimming with inspiration. Follow the urge and see where it takes you!  What do you love to do?  It may be taking pictures of the stormy seas, writing a short story, painting, baking, re-decorating, organising your photo albums and trinkets, pottery or some other craft!  This is the perfect time of year to do something creative and who knows, what you produce might just turn into the perfect gift for someone special. After all, the sparkle of Christmas isn't really so far off ....


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!  

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