Monday, 2 May 2016

The Colour of Monday! Art Classes with John Kelly...

Blue Monday?

Change the colour of your day and get the week off to a brighter start...with an artistic adventure!

Join locally-based artist John Kelly for his art classes at Funky Scottish on Mondays from 10am to 12.30pm  for his art classes.

John - based in Cellardyke - draws and paints his personal interpretation of the East Neuk.  See some of his fabulous work via Saatchi Art and if you're feeling inspired, allow John to help you uncover your own unique, creative style.

The classes start on Monday 16th of May and run for 11 weeks, finishing on Monday 25th July.

This 11 week course is £110.
Ready to uncover your inner artist?

Call 07935 191 682 or 01333 278 693 /  / Email

Or learn more at Funky Scottish on the high street in Pittenweem.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Spoonful of Sunshine + A Big Pinch Of Cafe Culture...

Continental-style cafe culture at Funky Scottish

A family enjoy spring sunshine on the village square, ‪#‎Pittenweem‬

Our Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique is now open everyday for spring-summer xo

ps. Thank you Lisa for sharing your photo! 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Pittenweem - A Funky Scottish Village (By The Sea)

"If you're lucky enough to live by the sea, you're lucky enough".
- Unknown

This cute quote is never more true than when you are lucky enough to live in the East Neuk - and specifically in Pittenweem - home to the Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique. 

The village has become 'home' to a vibrant mix of people; fishermen, artists, multiple generations of locals, incomers, part-time residents and regular visitors.  Pittenweem has also attracted the interest of holidaymakers from all over the globe.  It's been featured in some of the world's most glamorous publications, including Conde Nast Traveller, The Times and Coast Magazine. Naturally, some of our area's best known attractions have been very well publicised.

On the other hand, without a bit of local knowledge, it's easy to miss out on everything happening beneath the surface - what a journalist can tell you is really just a drop in the ocean!  If you're a new visitor or recently-arrived resident, learn a few lessons from the locals and discover the simple pleasures of everyday life in Pittenweem.  It's the perfect way to support the community. In fact, you can become a part of what gives our community its spirit! 

So, dip your toes in the water....
  • take a morning stroll on the high street, buy a loaf from the artisan baker, fish from Bowmans...
  • make eye contact, smile and say hello to strangers
  • be a fisherman's friend; visit the fisheries museum, support RNLI or The Fisherman's Mission
  • choose local gifts for your loved ones, from a boutique like Funky Scottish
  • visit the local pub and get to know real people, real fishermen, real stories....
  • ramble along the coastal path to a string of postcard-perfect east neuk villages
  • taste a just-caught lobster, dressed crab or Pittenweem prawns from The Fisherman's Larder 
  • get to know the side streets, discover the 'neuks' and crannies 
  • live in the outdoors - plant a garden, bathe on the beach, grow your own, eat alfresco
  • venture along School Wynd, Bruce's Wynd, Water Wynd, Calman's Wynd, West Wynd and the well-hidden "Ghosty Wynd" - know the wynds and you know the village
  • visit the  Funky Scottish cafe for an Illy coffee and delicious hand-made cakes.
  • pamper yourself with a massage from a trained, local therapist  
  • love your local farmer and enjoy the fruits of his labour
  • place an order with celebrated Penmans Butcher of Crail...and have it delivered to your door!
  • take a deep breath of the fresh sea air - it's so good for you!
  • get your fish & chips from the local's favourite - the little retro shop on the high street in Pittenweem
  • talk to your neighbours 
  • keep the coast clear - reduce, reduce, reduce your plastic, reuse and recycle
  • be kind to the ocean and support a marine conservation charity
  • be inspired by the local water babies...and go wild swimming
  • take part in local festivals in the area; food and arts and more arts.
  • eat an ice cream from the little seafront shop, watch the waves as your worries melt away...
  • play on the seaside swings
  • indulge in handmade, chocolate specialities from The Pittenweem Chocolate Company 
  • If you need a place to stay, choose accommodation with character in the heart of the village. We can recommend Driftwood CottageThe Cooperage and Kirkgate Cottage.
  • relax, you're on the coast, the pace is slower and that's a good thing.
  • take the plunge....

Welcome to Pittenweem! 

Main image via Visit Scotland
Wild swimming image via Ben Howard - Every Kingdom (great seaside music)
Ice cream shop image via Conde Nast Traveller.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

25 Ways To Work A Springtime Scarf

The clocks hopped forward on Easter's officially spring! 

So...are you brave (or hardy) enough to peel away the layers? 

If you're not quite there yet, add warmth to your lighter look with a stylish, springtime scarf. We absolutely love this cute little video - - featuring 25 ways to wear a scarf. 

Who knew they were so versatile? 

Ready to spring clean and freshen up your wardrobe? Discover gorgeous ‪#‎scarfs ‬to wear in the 
Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique on the high street in Pittenweem.

Friday, 25 March 2016

/ / Easter In The East Neuk? 7 Ways To Make It Eggcellent! / /

1 Discover 'the place of the caves'! Did you know that's the meaning behind the name Pittenweem‬? Our little village is an old Pictish settlement and it was converted to christianity by St Fillan. He made his home in a cave that you can still visit on Cove Wynd. Discover more of this local history at
2 We'll be honest, the weekend forecast is mixed but enjoy the flashes of sunshine from an alfersco table on the square at our Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique. We're on the high street in Pittenweem and serve tempting savouries + a completely delicious range of home-made cakes, with illy coffee and a selection of refreshing teas.
3 Head up to the braes for a great view of our village and all along the coastline. Watch out for storms rolling across the Firth of Forth as you play on the swings!
4 Raining? Head to Anstruther and sit-in for your fish and chips overlooking the marina at Anstruther Fish Bar. We also love discovering the stories behind our harbours and their fishermen at the Scottish Fisheries Museum.
5 Are you cooking dinner this Easter Sunday? Impress your guests by serving up on our Funky Scottish collection of contemporary, coastal-inspired kitchenware.
6 Experience a mini version of our annual Pittenweem Arts Festival this weekend.... the Easter Artists and Galleries Weekend is happening in Pittenweem from 25th - 28th March.
7 Lastly, roll an egg! With so many braes and wynds right here in Pittenweem, who could resist?
Happy Easter! xoxo

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Our Resident Artist's Creative Winter Retreat! It's a wrap...

Here at Funky Scottish, we often say the quieter winter months are a great time to make time for new art.

So, what has founder and resident artist, Karen Edward, been creating during the low season?

Take a peek at one recent project...

Karen has been working on new designs for wrapping paper and note books. 

Do you have a favourite design or colour combination?  

Please just share your thoughts in the comments below or at facebook.

Meanwhile, we look forward to returning to spring/summer opening hours very soon in the Funky Scottish cafe-gallery-boutique.  We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Celebrating Little Bundles Of Joy (+ the inspiration behind a commission!)

Can you feel it in the air? 

It's the birth of a beautiful new season! Soon we'll be seeing little lambs bouncing through the fields, daffodils bursting into colour and mothers venturing out into the sunshine with their newborns...

Has a loved one just had a baby? Celebrate a newborn - or a little one's special birthday - with a colourful, original, hand-painted ceramic plate by Karen Edward at Funky Scottish. The various elements can be inspired by anything from their place of birth to the symbolism behind their name.

Whatever you choose, Karen can create a genuinely meaningful, bespoke plate for the little one to cherish in years to come. Take a peek at the inspiration behind this recent commission for a local newborn...

The main features reflect the baby girl's strong family connection with both the Scottish Highlands and the East Neuk.

There's also a 'little deer' which is the celtic meaning behind her middle name, Ossia.

Also, the butterflies are featured because they become a personal symbol for her mother during pregnancy of the first 'flutters' she felt...and the exciting transformation of becoming a parent!

If you'd like Karen to create a special gift for a much-loved newborn, just get in touch via


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!