Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fabulous Mum? She Deserves A Funky Gift...

Is your mum fabulous and kinda' funky? 

If the answer's yes, treat her to a Funky Scottish gift this Mothers Day!

We have it covered with pampering goodies, scented candles, pretty jewellery, elegant clothes, bold homewares, inspiring stationery and of course, one-off and bespoke ceramic pieces by our resident artist,
Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish.

Our hand-picked gifts are available at our high street boutique, in Pittenweem.

If you'd like to find out more about our bespoke ceramics, go to our website at

Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Creative Surge! Sneak Peek In The Studio...

It's fair to say that creativity has a natural ebb and flow. After what may seem like an eternity of nothing much happening,  it's exciting to feel the energy of new projects gaining momentum! This year, I've been drawn to doing lots of painting and increasingly, I've been tucked away in my studio.  So, this blog is a great place to share recent work with you! The paintings above are a few ideas, works in progress, experiments and happily, a sign that right now, I'm in the flow...

Karen x

View more work by Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish over at her website,

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Foxy Lady & Friends....

Our latest collection of colourful, quirky scarves - foxes, dragonflies, sculls, moustaches  - are now available in the Funky Scottish boutique.  These long, light scarves are perfect for adding an extra layer on days when a big coat is too hot and a little jacket or cardigan is too cool!  They're also a fabulous cover up for travelling on chilly trains and planes.  Check out more of our favourite scarf looks via Pinterest.  Meanwhile, visit us at Funky Scottish to create your own chic, spring style....

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Maldives, New York, Capri...Pittenweem!

 "Pittenweem is know for its fishing - 
harbourside parking is "reserved for fisherman's vehicles".  
But the village's other speciality is art...
expect to find some gems".
- Conde Naste Traveller

How exciting! Our beautiful village has been featured in the tres chic magazine, Conde Naste Traveller.  It's great to see a special mention for the artistic community and of course, our annual Pittenweem Arts Festival too!  If you haven't been to the area before, this article will give you a hand-held guide to the the very best of the East Neuk, alongside more highlights around Fife.  We're so pleased to see such a bright light shining on our hidden gems...
So, whether you're a lucky local or living further afield, it's clear that during the upcoming Easter Holidays...Pittenweem is the place to be!

If you do visit, remember to pop into Funky Scottish to say hello!