Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Festival Fever hits Pittenweem...AND The Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh...

It's all happening!  Across Pittenweem, artists are setting up their exhibitions in anticipation of the much celebrated Pittenweem Arts Festival!  As an artist and venue owner, I'm very busy with all the fun of the fair...

However, I'm also VERY excited to be taking part in another internationally acclaimed festival at a highly respected gallery over in Edinburgh.  The Torrance Gallery are hosting their Edinburgh Festival Exhibition from 27th July to 24th August and it's an honour to have been invited to take part! If you're in Edinburgh during the festival, do drop by to view the exhibition.  Meanwhile, you can take a quick look at my pictures of the gorgeous space, including some of the pieces I'm featuring alongside the work of the artists Sheana Stephen, Ronnie Ford, Dugland Findlay, Tom Watt, George Birrell and Elizabeth Reid...'s well worth a visit! Of course, this isn't my only encounter with the Torrance Gallery.  You may recall that I was commissioned by the lovely lady owner of the gallery to create a celebratory plate a while back, for her husband Brian.  He's pictured below with the finished piece - I think I captured that lovely smile?!  You can find out more about commissioning your own hand-painted ceramics at

...and don't forget -  if you're in Pittenweem - visit me in person at Funky Scottish on the High Street for the festival preview this Friday 2nd August from 7pm - and every day during the main event...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

"I'm With The Artists"....Your Exclusive Invite To Festival's Sneak Preview!

We're counting down the last few days to this year's Pittenweem Arts Festival! I very much hope to see you on the now legendary preview night!  Wander round the village, in and out of venues, perhaps sip a glass or two of complimentary wine and enjoy a peek at some of the wonderful art...all before the official launch of the festival.  Funky Scottish will be opening its doors on the high street so do drop by!

Karen xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Magic of Mull - A Coincidental Commission....

Isn't it a wonderful experience when serendipity drops by to surprise us!?  This is what happened recently when I was commissioned by a woman living in Canada to create a bespoke, hand painted plate, commemorating her friend's retirement. As it transpired, the person retiring has been running a B&B in Tobermory, on my beloved Isle of Mull.  In fact, the woman who commissioned the piece - like me - once lived their too. Curiouser and curiouser! We even have lots of aquaintances and friends in common - including my own son!! We learned all of this after the commission was requested and of course this discovery helped to add a special something to the project. That's the magic of Mull...

You can view my earlier post about the island at I Love, Isle of Mull.

Find out more about collections and bespoke designs by Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish over at my main website -  You can also visit my Funky Scottish studio-gallery-boutique on the High Street in Pittenweem!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Art of Award-Winning Fish & Chips...

If you haven't already sampled the multi-award winning fish & chips from the world famous Anstruther Fish Bar, please don't miss the chance!  Year after year, the team at this lovely shop and restaurant have been perfecting the art of truly great fish & chips.  The awards and visitors are a testament to their success. In summer, hundreds of people will happily queue out the door and round the corner, right on the harbour in Anstruther, for just a whiff of salt & vinegar!  So, it was an honour to be commissioned by the team at the Anstruther Fish Bar to create a range of themed dinnerware - including big, colourful plates  - now on display in their window and for sale in their shop...

While you won't be able to recreate one of their outstanding, classic seaside meals at home, these chunky plates are a great momento from an unforgettable fish & chips experience...

You can find out how to commission my work by contacting me - Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish - I'd love to hear from you...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Introducing...Vivian Ross-Smith

'Suomi' by Vivian Ross-Smith

Recently, I was very fortunate to be invited to the Degree Show at Gray's School of Art, part of Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. It was a privilege to meet so many talented young artists. This week, I'd like to introduce you to one of those rising stars, Vivian Ross-Smith, who moved from her home in Shetland to study in Aberdeen.  Here's an artist statement from Vivian, along with some more of her fabulous work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Karen x

The predominant focus in my work is the subject of remoteness; especially relating to my home of Shetland and time that I spent in Turku, Finland.  Within my work traditional methods of craftsmanship and preservation techniques have become central to my practice. I use these skills and processes as a means of exploring relationships between material and surface; and between man made and natural. It is important for me to tie together both painting and traditional craft methods in the work. This has meant that the collection and use of natural materials, from source, along with an honest handmade means of producing the work has become extremely important in the production of the end result.

Importing ideas of remote living into the studio and gallery context.

My work becomes a visual patchwork of personal experience considering the extreme nature of living in remote locations. Exploring how ancestrally collected skills that would have aided the struggles of everyday life can now be observed from a different perspective."

You can find out more about Vivian-Ross Smith at

'Thule' by Vivian Ross-Smith
'Shoormal' by Vivian Ross-Smith

‘Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle’ by Vivian Ross-Smith

‘Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle’ by Vivian Ross-Smith

‘Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle’ by Vivian Ross-Smith

‘Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle’ by Vivian Ross-Smith

‘Da Fishing Hands O’ Fair Isle’ by Vivian Ross-Smith

Vivian Ross-Smith

Vivian Ross-Smith

Vivian Ross-Smith

Vivian Ross-Smith

Vivian Ross-Smith

You can find out more about Vivian-Ross Smith at

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Congratuations Graduates of 2013...

Last week, the University of St Andrews and entire town was bustling with excitement and activity, as many students prepared for ceremonies, farewells and an exciting new chapter - life after Graduation. I've been working on bespoke, hand-painted commissions for some of these young people and as they embark on the next stage of life's journey, I want to pass on my best wishes to all new graduates from St Andrews and universities up and down the country...

I do hope you'll be lucky enough to follow your heart and your passions to a career that you'll love.  As one who has been through the experience, I can confirm that it's sometimes challenging but always worth it!  If you need any further words of wisdom and encouragement, I highly recommend listening to the commencement speech given by Steve Jobs to graduates at Stanford University a few years back.  His words are eloquent and truly inspiring! 

Also, if you'd like a special commission to congratulate a loved one on graduating this year,  please get in touch with me, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish.  I'd love to hear from you!  Meanwhile, here's one I made earlier...