Saturday, 4 July 2015

#LoveWins! Summer Of Love 2015...

This year may not be remembered for its sunshine, but look on the bright side...

...2015 has become the 21st century's summer of love! 

The symbolic use of rainbows and the hashtag #lovewins has been sweeping across social media in the past week.  This wave of celebration follows a Supreme Court ruling in America that supports the right of all couples - regardless of gender or sexual orientation - to marry in any state in America.

- Justice Kennedy, The Supreme Court

We're delighted to join in these celebrations here at Funky Scottish and hope this landmark decision will continue to create a positive impact across the globe! Love Wins. Eventually. Always. xo


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!   

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