Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Island Inspiration - Mull & Mallorca....

This year, I've been really lucky to enjoy some time away from the studio in two of my favourite locations - The Isle of Mull and the island of Mallorca!  These are obviously two very different places but there are real similarities too.  There's a familiar ebb and flow to life in the quiet fishing villages of both the Mediterranean and our own coastal communities. Also, both islands have a special quality that, for me at least, lingers long after a visit. Even better, I took along my camera, allowing me to capture and recall some really inspiring images that I know will weave themselves into my own creative projects, somewhere along the line.  Have you had an inspirational holiday this year?  Do you have a special place, either close to home or far away, that feeds your soul?  I'd love to hear from you! Meanwhile, here are a few of my snapshots from the islands. It's difficult to tell where Mallorca ends and Mull begins, don't you think?

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