Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Funky Scottish Decade! The Pittenweem Blue Collection...

"The houses are lovely to paint being quirky 
with odd shapes and outside staircases"
- Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish

This year, it's the 10th Anniversary of the launch of the first iconic, East Neuk collection by
Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish!   In celebration, we're producing a special series of blog posts about a decade of her definitive Funky Scottish collections.  You can click here to read our introduction.  As we rewind back through the years to 2004, this week, we discover the inspiration behind the 'Pittenweem Blue' collection.

This collection is inspired by the architecture of the East Neuk and our historical trading connections with far flung places, including Holland.  Discover more via up-close pictures and artist notes from Karen...

"The East Neuk is unique in its architecture due to the connection with Holland and the lowlands. The crow step gables and the red pantiles are all Dutch influenced. The pantiles came over as ballast in the boats. They traded ideas, skills and building materials as well as Scottish skins, wool coal and salt."

"The houses are lovely to paint being quirky with odd shapes and outside staircases..."

"This range I call Pittenweem Blue is a wee take on the Delft tiles seen in many of the East Neuk houses. I went to Delft a few years ago and loved the artistic feel of the city...and of course the hand-painted ceramics in blue and white!!"

Meet us again soon for this artistic adventure, back in time, through a Funky Scottish decade!  Meanwhile, you can discover previous posts in the series below:-

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Also, join us for the Pittenweem Arts Festival - it kicks off this Friday 1st August! Karen Edward will host her 10th Anniversary exhibition in the Funky Scottish gallery.  Find out more about this renowned annual event at pittenweemartsfestival.co.uk.

Stop Press!

One last thing...did you see the news feature about Funky Scottish in East Fife Mail? If not, you can still read it online - click here.


Living by the sea, Karen Edward @ Funky Scottish is naturally drawn to coastal themes and has developing her own unmistakable flair for showcasing the unique character of the East Neuk. Her favourite subjects include the houses, animals, boats and seascapes she observes in and around the fishing villages. Karen will also happily paint bespoke ceramics reflecting your own unique character and interests. Choose a gift or crockery collection to celebrate special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. If you'd like to order your own exclusive, hand-painted piece, please get in touch!  

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