Thursday, 10 April 2014

To Dig The Earth & Tend The Soil...

Over the moon!!! This sums up how I felt when I received a space in the Pittenweem Community Allotment.   It was Monday...and a blooming wonderful start to the week!

To forget how to dig the earth 
and tend the soil is to forget ourselves 
- Gandhi

Back on the Isle of Mull, many moons ago, growing my own vegetables was part of everyday life and it's a practice I've been eager to revive here on the east coast...if only I had a space.

So, as soon as it was confirmed, I wrapped up, pulled on my boots and marched along to the allotment, to savour the sight and smell of beautifully turned over earth, the tranquility of birds twittering in the trees, the little shed that will become home to tools, seeds, gardening gloves, a little flask of tea, maybe some biscuits...

This will be a big project for 2014! It will be a relaxing, invigorating 'time out' and no doubt, the images of roots, shoots and allotment gardens bursting into life will find their way into my art back at the studio too.

Meanwhile, the seeds of inspiration have already been sown, ideas are taking root....

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