Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Love & Marriage, Go Together Like....

 "A marriage is about love, not gender." 
- Alex Neil, Scottish Health Secretary

In celebration of this year's Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill, which proposes a change in the law to allow same-sex marriage, I'm very pleased to share these commissions I was asked to create for two happy couples! 

The new bill proposes an important revision to existing law which currently only allows same-sex civil partnerships, a legal relationship exclusively for same-sex couples.  Same-sex marriage would be different in that it would finally allow all couples who love each other to formalise their commitment in marriage.  You can find out more at the BBC's Q&A: Gay marriage 

"Love & marriage, go together like....a horse and carriage."  

It's that simple.  

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  1. very cool, Karen! Total respect that you're not batting an eyelid! A lot of us now have straight and gay friends and they obviously felt comfortable asking you to do the commissions - nice one! x