Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Art of The Island - Introducing Pat Morrison (Isle of Mull)

Pat Morrison - Footloose

As promised, this week I'm featuring one of my favourite artists - Pat Morrison, who is an old friend from my favourite island - Mull!   Pat and her husband Iain also have a very cool resturant, Am Birlinn at Croig, near Dervaig on the island - well worth a visit if you get the chance!  Meanwhile, here's Pat's profile, plus lots of images of her fabulous work....


Pat grew up in Prestwick, Ayrshire.  While her parents had ambitions for a great career in hairdressing - she has nothing against barbershops - her artistic bent took her to Edinburgh College of Art.   She graduated in Drawing and Painting but was drawn to Tapestry Weaving and studied under Archie Brennan, Artistic Director of the Dovecote Tapestry Studios at the time.

On completion of teacher training, Pat applied for work on Mull and became peripatetic Teacher of Art in 1970.  Known as "Miss Sparkly" amongst her pupils, she braved the Mull winters and roads travelling between schools on her Honda scooter.  Luckily, none of her minor skirmishes with the island potholes caused permanent damage.  She married a Mulleach, Iain, and decided to stay.

"Pat must have patience of inexplicable proportions!" - Iain

Interested in pencil drawing - especially trees and Mull landscape -  easy access to seabird life led her to drawing feathered wildlife, particularly puffins and their many relatives on the Treshnish Islands, but tapestry is still her favoured medium.

"Tapestry is crazily labour intensive as a process, economically suicidal and some people have even suggested it's redundant, but it's not abnormal" - Archie Brennan

Pat Morrision - Wee Tree

Pat Morrison - Birlinn

Pat Morrison - Blackthorn

Pat Morrison - Lunga Seapinks

Pat Morrison - More Seapinks

Pat Morrison - Silly Sheep

Pat Morrison - Seapinks & Lichin

Pat Morrison - Rainy Road

Pat Morrison - Rainy Road 2

Pat Morrison - Wee Hawthorn

Pat Morrison - Windy

Pat Morrison - Forestry

Pat Morrison - Tree

Pat Morrison - Sunset

Pat Morrison - Spring

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  1. Wow! These are lovely.
    I remember Pat was my first art teacher, when I was at Mornish primary school. All seven of us pupils were amazed how she could go on her moped. And we painted!