Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3 Funky Ways to Spread the LOVE...

Heart tile by Karen Edward, Funky Scottish

So, here we are in the Month of Love - it's the time of Valentines!  It's a celebration most associated with the romantic kind of love reserved for couples, but there are other ways to embrace that loving vibe!

So, here are 3 Funky Ways to Spread The Love...

1  Love Thyself
Image via Pinterest

Enjoy some pampering me-time!  Light the candles, have a lingering soak, curl up with a favourite book or film, treat yourself to some gorgeous new lingerie, a spa treatment or a little trinket for your home! There are so many ways to love yourself! 

2  Connect With Love

This is paying it forward or spreading good karma. There's always someone out there who could benefit from some love in this cold climate!  It's the little things that count.  A smile on the street, a compliment or a helping hand is sometimes all it takes to make some else's day!   You could also call up a long-lost friend or write an old-fashioned letter to a favourite relative!   Here at Funky Scottish, we love to connect - with you!  So let's hook up on...


3 Make Love

Hand-painted bowl by Karen Edward, Funky Scottish

What this means is....create something with passion! Do you love cooking? Bake a cake!  Do you love painting? Pick up the brush!  Writing? Taking pictures? Crafts? Knitting? Make something - anything - with real love and you'll be giving a little piece of your heart to the world!

Happy Valentines!!! 

Love from Karen and all at Funky Scottish xx


  1. This made a refreshing read! Have been meaning to take some up to date pics to send to my friends and relatives up in Fife and Clacks and spookily thought how nice it used to be to get an actual long letter from cousins that would be read and read again! All the best to all at Funky Scottish x

  2. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the article - hope you feel inspired to get writing to someone you love :) x